As you paint your home, you should never forget the primer. The primer is a layer of a light-colored paint, which goes over the surface before the application of the paint color that you’ve selected. This may seem like painting the surface twice for minimal benefit. However, applying a primer actually has a lot of essential advantage, particularly for long-lasting home paints. Here are some of the reasons why primer is important: 

Offers better paint adhesion 

Adhesion indicates how fine paint will stick to a surface. Various types of surfaces could have a vital impact on how well paint survives, dries, and clings for years into the future with no peeling in action. Primer is intended to make the paint adhere well to the surface. Meaning, your final paint layers are less likely to improperly dry and cure and peel over time. This is especially important once you are painting surfaces, which do not interact well with the mediocre house paint. There are various kinds of primer available according to how likely the surface is to be touched, the surface, and what paint you are using. Do not hesitate to do some research. 

 Great for painting over dark colors 

When you’re painting over a dark color with a lighter color or a similar shade, you might notice that the dark color beneath will see-through, even after a few layers of the new paint. Primer is designed to help fix this problem and that is by applying a white layer that covers the darker color better, especially as you switch to a lighter color. In these scenarios, primer is typically needed for the proper appearance. 

Helps paint to be more durable 

A primer will aid in making sure that your paint will last for a long time because of its better adhesion properties. Moreover, a primer could prevent more moisture and seal more vulnerable surfaces from causing damage beneath the paint. For bigger home painting projects, both interior and exterior, we recommend that you should always consider using primer to make sure that your paint will last long. 

Gives a better look 

Primer could also aid in concealing particular features on new ceilings or walls that you might want to hide, including natural blemishes, knots in the wood, seams, and joints that could peek through, particularly when applying lighter paint colors.  

Now that you already know how important applying a layer of primer is, you might still have some inquiries on what types of primers to get, how many layers of primers must be used, or whether you need a primer at all. That’s totally fine. You just need to contact Austin Paint Pro to know more about painting Austin TX. We will be pleased to help you out to discuss with you the details and information and we will look for the right plan of action for any of your painting projects. You can also visit our website and we will give free estimations for our valued customers.