Sewer line clogs can cause unexpected plumbing issues and serious headaches for homeowners. The longer the clogs are not cleared, they will become worse. That’s why it is important to know how to identify the signs if the main line sewer is clogged. This way, you will know when to contact a reputable plumber for assistance. The following are the signs of a clogged sewer line: 

There are many clogs in your plumbing fixtures 

A drain clog or toilet clog will occur from time to time. If the plumbing fixtures and multiple drains are simultaneously clogged, you could have a clogged main line sewer. 

Weird noises coming from your plumbing fixtures 

One of the usual warning signs of a sewer line clog is the gurgling sounds that come from your drain. These weird sounds are due to the wastewater’s movement past the clog. While this occurs, the air pockets around the clog will emit bubbles, which drift to the water’s surface in your plumbing fixtures. This unusual gurgling sound that is caused by air bubbles would usually be more obvious if you will use more water.  

There’s a foul smell coming out from your drains 

If you have observed an odor that smells like sewage coming from your drains, it probably means that your wastewater us not properly draining because of a clog. 

You get strange responses if you use your plumbing fixtures 

This could include odd backups, foul odors, and strange sounds in one plumbing fixture or even more if you are utilizing others. For example, flushing your toilet or turning on your washing machine might lead to backups in drains, showers, and tubs. This occurs since wastewater has no place to go. Thus, it turns out being shoved back into your drain lines.  

There are backups in your home’s lowest drains 

For backups, clogs will be ground zero. For there, the backups are going to work their way up, which affects a home’s lowest drains. Once you begin to notice issues with the lowest drains in your home, check out the usual indications of sewage backups, which include mold problems, foul smell, and sewage coming from drains, and standing water. 

Drainage happens in the sewer cleanout 

Commonly, the sewer cleanout pipe directly links to your focal sewer line. It offers access to the line to inspect it further or unclog it. You probably have a clogged sewer line if sewage us coming out of a cleanout pipe.  

The signs stated above are red flags that indicate that your main sewer line is clogged. The only way to exactly know where the issue lies—and have the repair you require to restore your plumbing and sewer system—is to call a professional plumber. If you have confirmed that you have a clogged sewer line or any sewer line issue, do not hesitate to contact Plumbing Midland TX using our designated number or you can visit our website for more information.